Sunday, June 9, 2013

Better late than never....June Currently

So I know I'm late to the party but least I showed! ;)

So here's my June Currently...thanks to Farley.

Listening... I'm from Cleveland and I know I should be over it but I can't forget LeBron's betrayal! So goooo Spurs! 

Loving....that I have time to spend with my mom and pops this week. I have one week off before I start classes to get my Reading Endorsement so I'm going to have some fun in the sun and get spoiled. :)

Thinking... I know I just started break but I really want to get all organized for the next school year. Now if only I knew what grade I'm going to teach! 

Wanting...I figure having a cameo Silhouette would help get my ideas flowing for prepping for next year. But is it worth it???

Needing... I must get healthy this summer. I have zero excuse not to hit the gym everyday. I'll keep you updated on my progress. 

Essentials...self explanatory. :)

So that's all. Not that exciting but got me blogging. Link up! 


  1. HA! You weren't the only one late on your Currently :) I am thinking the same thing and feeling exhausted abut it! Taking one year off has made me feel like a fist year teacher again. When you get a minute come check out my blog home
    I am your 13th follower... YAY!


  2. Are you a basketball fan? I love it ( from the Boston area ) but I am a Celtics fan. I found your blog at Farley's Currently link up !