Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! I've spent the majority of it indoors.  It's crazy hot in Ohio today! No fireworks for me. I don't get as excited as I used to about them. Maybe because I have no kids and Bailey (my 2 year old Yorkie) and boyfriend are not big fans either.
Anyway, since I was in the A/C all day, I had time to stalk soooo many blogs todays and I'm so jealous of them. I have no idea how to make mine so pretty. A few of them discussed Whole Brain teaching and it renewed my excitement to start with that this coming up school year.  My friends and I are going to the Mid-West Whole Brain conference next week. I'm so stoked that I got so many of them to go considering none of them have ever heard of it. But when I get enthusiastic about something, I really talk it up! ;)
I actually read about Whole Brain teaching like 3 years ago during one of my summer internet days and honestly, the only thing I used was the "Hands and Eyes" in my class. Oh and the "Honk, honk, good job, good buddy!" LOVE THAT! I really need to try something new with this new group of students. I really want to get them enthusiastic about learning. I hope this is the trick.
Anyway, if you want to know more about Whole Brain teaching check out some videos and their awesome website. There's so much...I get overwhelmed so I'm hoping the conference with put it all together for me. I'll let you know about it next week! :)

Whole Braining Teaching website

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